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Official North Star Bar Line-Up!

We’re about 22 hours from kicking things off at the North Star Bar and we thought it would be nice for everyone to see the full line-up for tomorrow’s bands. Here they are:

12:00 PM   Thom McCarthy
12:45 PM   Reed Kendall
1:30 PM     Christie Lynee
2:15 PM     Da 1
3:15 PM     High Kick
4:10 PM     Billy Woodward & The Senders
5:00 PM     Elizabeth Seward
5:50 PM     The Press
6:40 PM     Filmstar
7:30 PM     DarkHorse & The Carousels
8:20 PM     The Goodnight Lights
9:10 PM     Kill You In the Face
10:05 PM   Bamboo House
10:55 PM   The Traded Series
11:55 PM   Swift Technique
12:50 AM   DJ Kash

These times are subject to change. If you happen to miss someone that you wanted to see, I think you know who to blame…

Need to know when the Taco Bell Truck is going to be there?
LUNCH 12noon - 3:30pm
DINNER 8pm - 11pm

[BUY TICKETS NOW for $15] or pay $20 at the door!

(@schmidtultra & @mikeyil)


Get ready to blame all day on 9/9/09!

Blame-a-Thon starts at the stroke of Midnight on 9/9/09 (that’s Tuesday heading into Wednesday), and it’s going to raise tons of awareness and donations for LiveStrong.

There are two halves to Blame-a-Thon. Overnight through noon is @ Indy Hall; from noon on is @ North Star Bar. Below is the basic info about both locations, and how you can give to LiveStrong.

See our comprehensive FAQ to answer all of your questions.


Blame-a-Thon @ Indy Hall is FREE from 9/9 Midnight - 9/9 Noon. Indy Hall is located at 20 North 3rd St, Unit 20, Philly, 19106.

- Stop by anytime for live podcast tapings, screenings from sponsor and local film org ProjectTwenty1, free La Colombe coffee at 6am, free Chef-a-Me breakfeast @ 8am, and all-night cancer-blaming with Drew and his team.

- A BoltBus will transport you to North Star Bar for free.


Blame-a-Thon @ North Star Bar from 9/9 Noon ‘till closing time is $15 now or $20 at the door. North Star Bar is located at 2639 Poplar Street, Philly, 19130.

- Live music starts at noon and doesn’t end until after midnight. See the FAQ for the line-up.

- North Star Bar will serve food and drink all day. There will also be free and low-cost refreshments from the Taco Bell Truck, Rita’s Water Ice, Victory Beer, and the Buttercream Cupcake Truck.


You can donate to LiveStrong in three different ways.

1. Buy a ticket to the event (even if you don’t come)! Since event costs were donated, your money goes directly to LiveStrong.

2. Buy a raffle ticket. Our raffle is electronic, so you don’t have to attend to win.

3. Donate directly to LiveStrong in Drew’s name.


Don’t forget that Blame-a-Thon is also live in your home for 24 hours! Stream Blame-a-Thon thanks to our partner LiveStream.

Finally, please #blamedrewscancer on Twitter ALL DAY on 9/9/09. You can blame it in real life too. Just make sure to blame cancer, and spread positive energy around Philadelphia and the world!


Announcing: Filmstar


Craving some 80’s pop with a touch of indie rock? Filmstar will take care of that and then some at 6:30PM on September 9th at the North Star Bar.

Coming to you from the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia is Filmstar. An indie / alt rock act bringing with them pop hooks that are easy to recognize,difficult to define,and impossible to forget.

Check out Filmstar’s MySpace page:



Announcing: Dark Horse and the Carousels

The Blame Drew’s Cancer Team is proud to have Dark Horse and the Carousels taking the stage at 7:30pm on September 9th at the North Star Bar.

Dark Horse and the CarouselsIf John Peel were still around, he’d be all over this classic five-piece, steeped in the reverb-heavy glam-and-a-wink ethos of the late ’60s and early ’70s. You can catch references to everybody from Phil Lynott to Sweet to Gary Glitter, but if they had to choose, I’m guessing these boys would go with late-’60s Stones. A video of “Crazy” shows singer Joseph Kusy in full-on Jagger mode, hips shimmying, elbows jutting and one finger wagging. Behind him, clad in multicolored mod, is one sharp-edged band, kicking out razory MC5 riffs and Sly soul jams. Maybe it’s time the Dark Horse won a race or two.” -Philadelphia Weekly (March 2009)

After two years of press acclaim, and shows with Black Lips, Peter Bjorn & John, The Detroit Cobras, The Teenagers, and Shonen Knife, DHATC released their debut self-titled full-length album at Making Time in 2008 at Pure Nightclub in Philadelphia. They are currently at work on a series of new releases.

See them on MySpace:




CRUNCHY NEWS: Taco Bell just went “all in” for #BlameDrewsCancer


You might have heard that the @TacoBellTruck will be at the 9/9/09 Blame-A-Thon.  We’re stoked.  Free tacos for all of you cancer blamers who come out to our event.

But this just in, Taco Bell has promised to donate $1 for each of the next ONE THOUSAND #BlameDrewsCancer tweets.

That’s $1,000, right to LIVESTRONG.


So blame y’all.  Blame hard.  And to be nice, add #tacobell to your blame.  You don’t have to, but it would be nice, because they’re doing a wonderful thing here.

Thanks Taco Bell!!

Yo Quero Blame-A-Thon.

Yes, the amazing Taco Bell Truck will be there next week for the second rockin’ half of the Blame-A-Thon 12noon-2am at The North Star Bar. Get your tickets today:


Announcing: The Press

The PressNo, this isn’t a list of the press coverage so generously given to us. This is the announcement of another excellent band slated to play the Blame-A-Thon at 5:30PM on September 9th at The North Star Bar.

This trio based in Brooklyn (via Atlanta [via Boston]) is ready to storm Philadelphia with their awesome style of “Co-Op” rock!

Check out The Press on MySpace:




#blamedrewscancer’s Blame-a-Thon Explained!

Repost from Peter’s Blog:

So, you’re a cancer blamer but you’re not sure what this whole Blame a-Thon thing is about? Never fear – we’re here with answers to all of your questions.

If you know the basics of #blamedrewscancer, you can skip to the Blame-a-Thon bits.

What’s Blame Drew’s Cancer
Actually, that’s “#blamedrewscancer” – a twitter hashtag that turned into a viral charity movement through the enthusiastic support of over 11,000 twitter users beating up on cancer.

It jumped into the real world with a series of fundraisers in Philly and San Fransisco, plus a literal leap out of a plane at 14,000 feet for the #blamedrewscancer team.

Who is Drew?
Drew Olanoff is a New Jersey native who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on May 20. Since then he has kicked cancer’s ass every day in words, actions, and about $10,000 of fundraising in under 100 days.

How was your summer?

And all this money goes where, exactly?
Drew’s efforts have benefited a few different cancer-related charities over the summer, but both Drew and #blamedrewscancer are official partners of LiveStrong AKA the Lance Armstrong Foundation. All of our current fundraising goes to LiveStrong, and Drew emceed the LiveStrong Challenge in Philly.

Lance even blamed something on Drew’s cancer. We like him.

Have I heard about this somewhere else?
Maybe. Do you read or watch the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, AOL Health, CNN, Fox29, Mashable, Tech Crunch, Philadelphia City Paper, Download Squad, or The Mendte Report? That’s just a portion of the press and blogs that have covered #blamedrewscancer in the past 100 days.

Oh, and we have a really catchy theme song.

What’s Blame-a-Thon
Blame-a-Thon is a 24-hour party and benefit concert held on 9/9/09 in Philadelphia where you can blame cancer all day while enjoying live podcast tapings, film screenings, and amazing bands.

If you aren’t there in person, you can watch on the web and enter our web raffle for big prizes – like gene research kits from our sponsor 23andMe or a signed hockey stick from the Philly Flyers. All proceeds go towards our giant contribution to LiveStrong.

Where is Blame-a-Thon?
Blame-a-Thon will be three places on 9/9/09: Indy Hall, North Star Bar, and the internets.

Blame-a-thon starts when Tuesday ends, kicking off at Philly co-working space Indy Hall – 20 N. 3rd St, Unit 201, 19106. It’s free, and it lasts from midnight to noon. Just drop by. More info below.

At noon, the party shifts to venerable venue North Star Bar, where we’ll host live music past midnight, followed by a DJ’d farewell – 2639 Poplar Street, 19130. Tickets are an absurdly low $15 presale, or $20 at the door. More info below, too.

I’m not in Philly and/or I’m busy on 9/9/09, but I still want to support #blamedrewscancer and give to LiveStrong. What should I do?
You can still buy a ticket – 100% of proceeds go to LiveStrong whether you show up or not. Or, you can buy into our major twitter-based raffle. Or, just give straight to LiveStrong on our behalf.

Or do all three.

Indy Hall: A party from midnight to noon? What are you going to do all night … and morning?
We’ll kick off with a live, super-sized, back-from-hiatus version of Drew’s Best Damn Tech Show podcast, followed by staying up all night for film screenings, video games, and acoustic music. Heck, bring pajamas if you want. Then, wake-up with La Colombe coffee and breakfast from Chef-a-Me.

We’ll cap off this half of the event with a live taping of Two Guys on Beer, which just celebrated its 100th episode! In addition, a DKMS Americas sponsored bone marrow registry will take place from 7am – 12pm.

North Star Bar: 12 hours is a long concert – who’s playing?
Bamboo Houses, Dark Horse & The Carousels, Filmstar, Goodnight Lights featuring Jonah Delso, High Kick, Reed Kendall of Up the Chain, Kill You In the Face, Christie Lenee, Thom McCarthy, The Press, Elizabeth Seward, Swift Technique, The Traded Series, and Billy Woodward & The Senders, plus award-winning spinner DJ KASH.

Not in that order, though. Check back for a schedule. Or, just buy a ticket and see them all.

That’s a lot of bands. What if I get bored? Or hungry?
North Star Bar will be selling food and drinks the entire time. We’ll also have the Taco Bell Truck and the Philly Buttercream Cupcake truck, plus complementary drinks from Victory beer (while supplies last). Plus awesome raffles and a DKMS Americas sponsored bone marrow registry.

Oh, and Drew.

So, buy your darn ticket already.

You keep mentioning this bone marrow registry? Sounds painful.
Totally not. It’s a simple swab of your cheek to be registered, and we’ll have plenty of info from DKMS Americas about what happens if you’re matched.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. How did you put it all together?
Drew has an awesome team of friends helping with #blamedrewscancer, all of whom are dedicated to kicking cancer’s ass in every way possible.

In the long-term, we plan to work with LiveStrong bring the amazing support Drew has found on social networks to EVERYONE fighting and surviving cancer.

Cancer should be terrified.

Who’s paying for all of this?
We could have never done this without the amazing support of our presenting sponsor, 23andMe, and our generous supporting sponsors and Level 3 Media. You can multiply their support just by showing up!

Also, Indy Hall and North Star Bar have been incredibly gracious in volunteering their services for little or no cost. They are both wonderful supporters and cancer blamers!

Any questions?



We’re announcing RIGHT NOW, that you can be a part of the Blame-A-Thon in a brand new way, even if you’re not there in person (in Philly).   While watching the livestream of our 24 hour event benefitting LIVESTRONG, you can win raffle prizes.  Even if you’ll be at the event, you can win.



Every hour we’re going to give one cool prize away (for the entire 24 hours), that’s 24 potential prize winning opportunites?!?!?!?!  Amazing.

Every hour, at the beginning of the hour, we will tweet and say on our stream what the prize is, who it’s from, etc.   During that hour you can blame my cancer for something and add the hashtag #rafflegrab for a chance win (one random blametweet will be picked each hour!).  BUT you have to buy a raffle ticket.

$9 for the WHOLE day.

AND, it goes right to LIVESTRONG!

You can only win once per each #rafflegrabs ticket you buy (so buy up to 24!), but ALL of the prizes are worth it.   Like this one:

A genuine NHL hockey stick autographed by the Philadelphia Flyers Claude Giroux.  This was donated to us by the wonderful Philadelphia Flyers organization themselves! (complete with certificate of authenticity!)

You’ll also be able to win things like 23andMe kits , A signed copy of the book “Twitterville” by Shel Israel…and MORE!

So buy your #rafflegrabs raffle ticket RIGHT NOW!


Announcing: The Traded Series

The Traded SeriesOne week away from the Blame-A-Thon and we’re very excited to announce The Traded Series will be another fine band performing at 10:30PM on September 9th at the North Star Bar.

It’s been quite some time since The Starting Line went on break, but this pop-punk quartet featuring The Starting Line guitarist, Mike Golla, has not been resting. They’re ready to shock and amaze!

Check out The Traded Series on MySpace: